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May, 4th. Torsten Frings attended the press conference before the match against FC Bayern München (Saturday, 6).
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April, 29th. Third win in a row for Darmstadt. The team got a deserved victory with a good teamwork against a pale performance of Freiburg. Goals: Platte (22'); Gondorf (45') and Schipplock (65'). A realistic perspective suggests that relegation battle is over and Darmstadt will spend the next season as part of the second division. In spite of that, the improvement is evident. If the team has to leave the Bundesliga I, it will do it with their heads held high.
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April, 27th. Torsten Frings attended the press conference before the match against SC Freiburg (Saturday, 29). Full video.
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April, 22nd. Victory for Darmstadt. The second in a row. Relief and hope for a team that keeps the chance to remain in first division (in theoretical terms, at least). Sulu scored at 51' and Platte at 53'. The 1-2 came at 93' (Holland-OG).
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April, 20th. Torsten Frings attended the press conference before the match against Hamburger SV (Saturday, 22). Full video and a couple of pics.
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April, 16th. It couldn't be a happier Easter for the Lilien. A deserved victory and three crucial points that keep SV Darmstadt in the first division (mathematically, at least). Vrancic scored the first goal of the match at 11'. Burgstaller failed a penalty kick at 57' (which could have been a partial tie). Later, Coke scored for Schalke at 75'. At the last minute, Gondorf scored (93') and gave the team a very needed win.
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April, 14th. Torsten Frings attended the press conference before the match against FC Schalke 04 (Sunday, 16). Read what he said and watch some videos here.
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April, 9th. Another defeat for the Lilien. Gross (19'); Cohen(68') and Suttner (72') scored and gave a victory to Ingolstadt. Vrancic scored for Darmstadt at 33' and 39' (penalty kick). No points again. And the team remains in last place of the table. However, this time they could score during an away game.
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