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Some players expressed their thoughts and feelings about Frings dismissal on their social networks. Frings himself has been active on Facebook. Read what they said.
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December, 9th. After yesterday defeat (and after a long period with no victories) SV Darmstadt has freed head coach Torsten Frings and his assistant Björn Müller with immediate effect. There are no statements from Frings for now.
Rüdiger Fritsch made the announcement in these terms.
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The 17th matchday took place on Friday, 8 and it was another defeat for the Lilien. Soukou scored at 35' for the local team. This is the end of the first half of the season and with this result, the team remains at relegation zone.
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The Lilien lost the 16th matchday on Sunday, 3. Grüttner scored for Regensburg at 51'. This defeat means the beginning of relegation battle for Darmstadt.
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Long interview with Torsten Frings by "11 Freunde" (issue 192 - November 2017).
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The 15th matchday took place on Friday, 24. After losing 1-0 during the first half (Prömel at 38'), the Lilien led the match 2-3 (Boyd at 51' and 61'; Kempe at 66' and Polter for the local team at 58'). However, what seemed to be a victory turned into a tie after Rosenthal own goal at 94'.
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Wed Nov 22, '17 - 10:33 - Happy Birthday, Torsten! [info, links]
November, 22nd. Torsten Frings turns 41 today!!!!! We wish him all the best.
Take a look at greetings on social networks on our Twitter account.

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The 14th matchday took place on Friday, 17. The Lilien couldn't beat SV Sandhausen and they lost the match at home (1-2). Sukuta Pasu scored at 17' and 71'. Banggaard did it at 84'.
The weak performance was admitted by players and coach. Eight games in a row with no wins.
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tdf 2
It could be a (very needed) win but the Lilien just got a tie against Eintracht Braunschweig during the 13th matchday which took place on Saturday, 4.
Braunschweig started winning at 8' (Sulu OG). Darmstadt scored at 30' (Mehlem) and 52' (Kamavuaka). Sadly, the win turned into a tie at the last minute when Schönfeld (92') scored for the local team.
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The matchday 12 took place on October, 28th and Darmstadt got a tie against Holstein. Goals: Platte (5') and Drexler (42').
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