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February, 18th. SV Darmstadt lost the match against TSG Hoffenheim. Kramaric scored at 63' and 92' (penalty kick).
SV Darmstadt remains in the last place with just 12 points.
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February, 16th. Press conference before the match against TSG Hoffenheim (Saturday, 18). A couple of pics, videos...and what Frings said after knowing that Barack Obama follows SV Darmstadt on Twitter.
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Frings' first victory as coach of SV Darmstadt!!!! In spite of certain doubts about their chances (some of them suggested by Torsten himself), the team beat Borussia Dortmund at home on February, 11th. Boyd and Colak scored for Darmstadt (21' and 67') and Guerreiro for Dortmund (44').

Find a huge photo gallery and videos here.
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February, 9th. Torsten Frings attended the press conference before the match against Borussia Dortmund (Saturday, 11).

With fairly realistic statements, the coach admitted that his team has no chance against Dortmund, a squad with Champions League level. Even so, he praised his players for their attitude and will. Read more about what he said and watch FULL press conference video here.
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February, 5th. SV Darmstadt lost the Hessen Derby today in a polemic match where two penalties kicks were the reason of a controversy. One of them for Darmstadt (the referee didn't award it) and another for Eintracht (73' Hasebe). The second goal for the locals was scored by Rebic (83').
Read what the protagonists said, see the pictures and watch the videos.
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February, 3rd. Torsten Frings attended the press conference before the derby against Eintracht Frankfurt (Sunday, 5). Pics and videos.

Besides, a radio interview was aired today on the Morning Show (Hit Radio FFH). Some extracts of the interview were uploaded yesterday and you can hear them here (three audio files).
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January, 31st. The transfer market has closed today. Apart from Sidney Sam and Terrence Boyd, the brand new additions of SV Darmstadt are Hamit Altintop, Wilson Kamavuaka and Patrick Banggaard. As he wanted, Florian Jungwirth was transfered to MLS (after the harsh words of the coach Torsten Frings).

The touch of color of the day was an interesting finding made by ZwWdF (https://twitter.com/zwwdf). They found a video of a screenwriters' congress where George Mastras admited that Gustavo Fring (the villain of "Breaking Bad") was named like that due to his admiration for Torsten Frings.
Find here news, pictures and videos.
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January, 28th. Crushing defeat at home for SV Darmstadt during the Bundesliga's 18th matchday. Goals for Köln: Sulu (32' OG); Osako (36' and 72'); Modeste (42'); Jojic (85') and Rudnevs (89'). Sidney Sam scored for the locals (66' penalty).

As if this were not enough, Torsten Frings attended the post match press conference where he looked almost infuriated and not only about the defeat. The target of his harsh words was Florian Jungwirth. The player was not part of the local squad today and the coach didn't hesitate to show his anger. According to Frings, the lack of commitment of Jungwirth was evident during the training sessions (the player wants to be transfered to the MLS which doesn't seem possible unless the club find a proper replacement for him). Clearly, Frings wants him to give 100% for Darmstadt (untill the end of his contract, at least) and he decided to make the situation public at the press conference. Watch the full video, pictures and articles here (English and German).
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January, 26th. Torsten Frings at the press conference before the match against FC Köln (Saturday, 28). Read what he said and watch some videos here. And don't forget to take a look at our Twitter account.

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