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frings fans united -- meeting your lutscher needs since '06
Yes! Player Mag's Photoshoots in HQ! 
Thu Sep 21, '06 - 13:26 [picspam]
Yes, I've got it. The whole report on Torsten in "Player" Magazine, complete with all the pics and the interview. Thanks to a very generous German friend.

And as the honoured co-mod of this community, I shall to spread the SEXYNESS and HOTNESS around the world. 

And if you'll manage to get better versions, don't worry; post here anytime :)

Thu Sep 21, '06 - 17:08 (UTC)

Such beautiful pictures. Sigh.

*scurries away to make more icons*
Thu Sep 21, '06 - 17:33 (UTC)
he just is... A PLAYER *d'oh*
Thu Sep 21, '06 - 19:01 (UTC)
OMFG! Is all I can say.. thank you sooo much for sharing.. he's freakin hot! *is dead*
Thu Sep 21, '06 - 19:01 (UTC)
Soooo GREAT pics!! Thanks for posting them.
Just read the article of my copy of that magazine.
BRILLIANT pictures :D Love them in BIG :D

love, Krissi xxx
Thu Sep 21, '06 - 19:16 (UTC)
So it wasn't just a fangirlish impression-- he really IS GOD.

On a sidenote... YAY RACCOON LOLZ XDDDDD You have to love a man who's had a raccoon as a pet.
And you really have to love a man who basically says "yeah, once I had a raccoon. Now I have children". XDDDD

And this is the kind of thing that makes me want to learn German more and more each day.
Thu Sep 21, '06 - 22:45 (UTC)

Dammit. He made me lose the sane part of my brain. >.< [thx for sharing!]
Fri Sep 22, &#39;06 - 01:57 (UTC)
thanks so much for these!!
Fri Sep 22, &#39;06 - 13:48 (UTC)
Great pics. Unreal...
Thanx a lot =)
Fri Sep 22, &#39;06 - 14:54 (UTC)
viele dank dear!!!!
and look at that pic of the growing, it's amazing that he looks still althrough the 10 years, except the changing of his hair. the face of 2006 looks the same as 1997.. wishing he can stay such young and beautiful forever!
Sat Sep 23, &#39;06 - 03:49 (UTC)
Thanks so much for posting it, though i can't read German, i still enjoy the pics, thanks pretty much!
Sat Sep 23, &#39;06 - 09:14 (UTC)
So damn gorgeous, thank you so much for these~!